Get to Know the Cofounders

It’s time to collaborate with someone when you are amazed by one another’s genius. There’s a lot of ground to cover and on that journey, beautiful, amazing things will happen. Whether it’s a vacation, cooking for your families, resting on the beach or working together on life-changing contributions, it takes labors of love to fulfill these experiences. So what else would the end result be, if not serendipitous? 

We are soul sisters who met through an unlikely love affair that occurred on a small island of the Pacific coast. Just kidding, it was not as scandalous a story –  we had a friend we shared in common. Our journey began bussing the number 51 from the neighborhood and landing at our first jobs together – which shall remain nameless since they did us no favors.

The rest was beautiful history and now we are manifesting destiny.

Through thoughtful words and vivid imagery, we are researching what it takes to care for your body inside and out; all so you can find restorative therapy in getting back to the basics of healing and growing.

Akilah & Isabel

Autumn Vibes

Fall is the feast for the eyes and the belly

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer a warm breeze blowing through my sundress over boots and beanies any day but there’s something to be said about the transitional, equalizing energy of autumn that rejuvenates me. The trees come alive as they change colors from vibrant mustard to coral fire red, the air is fresh and brisk in the rain – oh it’s so romantic when it rains! Fall is the feast for the eyes and the belly. This time of year I encourage you to slow down, take it all in and be mindful of how you’re honoring yourself and the change in seasons.

There are so many things you can do to tap in but here are a few of my favorites:

1. Document the change. Take that old dusty camera out of your drawer, lose the iPhone and spend the day photographing the exciting visuals of fall. If you live by the coast or in a place where there aren’t many deciduous trees, take a drive inland and spend the day in another city.

2. Autumn is all about introspection. We prepare for the darker half of the year by initiating projects that keep us indoors like knitting, carving wood or writing. These kinds of projects are essentially an exercise at sorting your thoughts and feelings and checking in with yourself. Enjoy the fruits of your labor by learning a new skill and creating something beautiful.

3. Eating what’s in season. I don’t know about you but I get sick at least once a year and it’s usually when I’m not listening to my body or taking care of myself. Nature bears fruit all year long but that doesn’t mean you should be eating strawberries in the winter. For example in California, autumnal produce is hearty and vitamin rich, like yams, beets and squash. Root vegetables are delicious, versatile and provide insane amounts of nutrients. No wonder they grow during flu season! My advice to you: go to the farmers market or use a website like to make sure you’re buying what’s in season.

4. Time to get witchy. Right after the Autumnal Equinox on September 21, Halloween, Dia de los Muertos and all things spooky and spiritual are in the air once again. We honor our dead, dress up like our worst nightmares and face the coming darkness head on. Now when I say “get witchy” I don’t mean wear a pointy hat or ride a broom but rather tap into unconventional spiritual practices. Some personal rituals that I enjoy are burning sage, card readings and cleansing my crystals. Granted those activities can be done at any time of the year but for me I feel a more intense energy calling me to do those activities at this time of year.

Consider it like and energetic reset button — burn Sage, Palo Santo or Cedar with the intention to clear stagnant energies in your home and around your body that can be disruptive to the coming season. Do a daily card reading to gain some perspective or pick up some new stones for your pouch to help you stay grounded through the shift into the darker half of the year. Some stones I’m working with right now are:

·     Tiger’s Eye – grounding energy, facilitates manifestation. Keeps me on task and in touch with my intentions

·     Tourmaline – disperses negative energy, psychologically aids in understanding oneself and others. Powerful mental healer

·     Fluorite – brings stability to groups, linking them to a common purpose, dissolves fixed patterns of behavior. Great for organization and concentration

·     Topaz – mellow, empathic stone, brings joy and good health. Great for affirmation, visualization and manifestation. Excellent emotional support stone

·     Aquamarine – Courageous and calming stone, brings closure on all levels. Use for meditation, clearing (communication) throat chakra

Regardless of where you live or what you believe, set time aside this fall to do some self care in whatever form that takes. Allow yourself to take some extra time to reset, set your intentions for the transition and stay grounded. Your renewed energy and glowing aura will won’t go unnoticed. 

– Isabel



Bare Skin Beauty

Some of us have fallen victim to pollution, allergens, sunlight and other irritants that come in contact with our skin.  While I adore sunny days and cold weather seasons, I was just never consistent about caring for my skin to enjoy these without consequence. My habits for taking care of my skin have been bad my entire life and for someone who grew up with chronic eczema, I should have been more on top of quenching my thirsty hide. But you don’t know what you don’t know, and in some cases, we accept what we know because we just don’t think things could be any better. Even when I was having my worst outbreaks, I learned to live with it. Sometimes I complained enough to get a steroid cream or try a new lotion. But it would never be enough because not only was I inconsistent, I didn’t know what to do beyond what the prescription label said.

From normal skin to severely sensitive, we owe it to our largest organ to treat it well. Usually, when something is going on on the outside, it’s because something is going awry on the inside. We have just accepted topical creams and heavy medications as the cure for our momentary visual disruptions. Shouldn’t we all be thinking of lifestyle? Longevity? Health? Sustainability? Beautiful youthful skin was always thought of as an indication of social and financial status. These days those words are synonymous. Scary. Anyway, holistic alternative methods are back and accessible. They’re in your health food stores, online mass distributors and anywhere else you can get your hands on some organic produce and herbs.

I personally was getting sick and tired of my skin. It was throwing tantrums like an insatiable two-year-old. I would buy products and use the whole container thinking maybe I have to buy another cycle before it will work. There is nothing more wrong inside of that irrational logic. I started making some life changes around my diet, water consumption, and the products I was choosing to put on my skin.


  • Diet – Tons of processed food and not enough vitamins.
  • Product junky – Buying things simply because the labels are attractive aesthetically.
  • Full sun Exposure – Not taking enough time to prepare for a change in the environment.
  • Not enough Water – For every pound you weigh, there should be an ounce of water consumed per day.

Building consistency takes time. Setting small goals and deciding to do something easy and delicious for your skin will be the best thing for your personal self-care routine.


Soul Fall Retreat 2018

I knew we were entering a state of serenity when the traffic started to dissipate, cell phone service was hard to reach and the trees covered the road in an orderly and coveted fashion. Fall was surrounding us and giving us that organic cozy feeling that so many marketers try to emulate during this time of year to get us to over consume and artificially participate in the true meaning of community. We were all purposely embarking on a weekend journey that was going to reconnect us with our souls in the midst of nature. This was going to be beautiful(turned out to be one of the biggest understatements I’ve made this year).

Creating a sacred space inside a home away from home when you have an intention to do some work on your soul is like physically being a part of an inward transition. Imagine buying a new desk for a room inside your house that has been filled with clutter and chaos. You would first remind yourself of what your plans are to use the desk. In this scenario let’s say it is to write a book. First, you would bring some order and get rid of the things that do not serve you for this project. Then you would align your tools; proper lighting, calming smells, music to help you focus, inspiring art or photos on your wall. The next thing you know, this space is now yours. Inspired and created by you. You have no excuses to continue the path to your purpose and write that book.

Now comes the communing. While the women who entered this journey all have different crafts or life’s work; them coming together was the beginning of showing support and respect for the challenges they face in their daily lives. Each one was extended an invitation because they were seen as people who work hard, who love unconditionally and who have the capacity to teach and share with others without judgment. Isabel, Janel, Jasmine, LaDonna and myself leaned into one another with unwavering trust.

 Our first morning we built a fire, had breakfast together and took off on one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever been on. Laughing and discovering while Isabel took photos, Janel and my son we’re expanding on their already beautiful bond. I’m pretty sure my mother, LaDonna never dropped her smile. Jasmine was like a child all in her element and full of peace. I was completely in awe that I was able to witness all of this wonder amongst people who inspire me into greatness. How could I be so lucky to be a part of all of this? The rest of the day was spent crafting our visions, journaling, cooking, and storytelling. We all blossomed. Do you have any idea how stunning a woman is when she sheds those restrictive layers and begins to open up? It’s rich. Vibrant. Aromatic. Emotional. It’s something to celebrate. This occasion had to be topped off with homemade dishes and Prosseco.

Our final morning, we orbited around each other like sisters who had grown up together and learned all of each other’s very own special ways and mannerisms. Part of our token in leaving, we each made our very own scented body balm to take back home. The combination of lavender, lemongrass, and eucalyptus is so damn heavenly. Add those smells with the practice of reviving vintage skills to exercise patience, meditation and using your hands to create beautiful things for your body and soul; the feeling of completeness emerges.  

The beauty of engaging and celebrating in this cabin will stay with us for as long as the memory stays on our minds. We are grateful for each other’s gifts. We bask in one another’s love. We will do this again because this is what it means to empower women through anything. Through life and all of the steps that will require us to get through it. A sister and a friend within every single one of us.